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3 Common Myths About Building a New House

3 misconceptions about building a homeThere are several misconceptions and myths surrounding the idea of building a house. Many potential buyers shy away from new home construction because of different reasons, many of which are not even accurate! If you are considering hiring a custom home builder to build you a new home instead of buying a pre-owned house, we can happily bust a few myths and misconceptions related to new homes.

Myth #1: New Homes are more expensive than pre-owned homes

st louis new home builder hibbs homes kitchenThis is definitely the #1 misconception about new homes. People tend to hear “new home” and think it is synonymous with “expensive,” but that simply isn’t true! The beauty of working with a custom home builder is that you can also customize your budget. You can design the size of your home and focus on the features you truly want and need while saving money on things that aren’t as important to you. Do you dream of a walk in closet in every bedroom but don’t really need a 3 car garage? Trade them out! Are you looking for a big kitchen and don’t really need that extra sitting room? Done!

Pre-owned homes also come with pre-owned appliances, and the structure itself could need some updates. Things, like tearing out old dishwashers, fixing a sagging roof, re-tiling a bathroom, and updating plumbing, can really add up. Plus, if you have to tear into the walls or floor of your home, you’re looking at extra costs to make your home look beautiful again. If you get a new home, everything in it will be new as well, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck paying huge renovation bills. Remodeling actually costs on average twice as much per square foot as building new!

Myth #2: It’s more environmentally friendly to buy a pre-owned home

Wrong again. While some people believe that all the extra materials needed to build a new home will be harmful to the environment, that’s not actually accurate. The reality is, older homes have outdated appliances, old insulation, and poor air-sealing methods, which all add up to an incredibly inefficient home. The environment will suffer as you crank up the heat when your windows feel drafty and use all that extra energy using refrigerators and water heaters that aren’t EnergyStar certified. Old homes are prone to having paints, adhesives, and sealants that have high VOC content, which means harmful chemicals could still be released into the air, years after the original installation.

New homes can be built with recycled materials and more up-to-date power options. High performance insulation will keep conditioned air in, which will stop you from constant fiddling with your thermostat. High efficiency lighting options will keep your home bright without using as much energy, and Energy Star appliances will provide better performance with less energy usage. Low VOC paints and sealants will keep that harsh smell and harmful chemicals out of the air as well. These things will make your home more environmentally friendly and comfortable, not to mention save you money on your energy bills.

Myth #3: New homes won’t have the features you want

new home construction with st louis custom home builder hibbs homesWhile some contractors are limited to certain floor plans and features, a custom home builder won’t have that problem. You can work with your builder to design whatever type of floor plan you’d like. If you’ve seen features that you love on an older home, you can work it into the design of your new home. In fact, you can take your favorite things from several different homes and buildings and bring them all into the design of your perfect dream home. Whatever architectural styles and designs interest you can be discussed and worked into the finished product.

Deciding to work with a custom home builder and purchase a new home may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. This can be a very exciting time as you create the home you have always dreamed of, piece by piece. Contact us to learn more!

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