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4 Bathroom design trends on the rise in 2015

 By Sara Graham & Danni Eickenhorst

A home’s bathroom is a cherished haven of relaxation and pampering for its residents and guests. Every year, there are entirely new degrees of luxury revealed for transforming traditional powder rooms to luxurious and functional spaces. Here is our roundup of the latest trends coming out in the new year.

Bathroom Audio

Shower Audio Kohler Moxie RainheadFrom wireless waterproof mp3 players to built-in shower speakers that look like body spray tiles, audio has become more prevalent in bathrooms than ever before. Built-in audio components are becoming more luxurious and affordable. CD and MP3 players and speakers can be installed directly into cabinets and even tub walls. Below are a few options for every budget:

Kohler Moxie sprayhead and speaker
$199.00 to $299.00

The Kohler sprayhead is a water-saving showerhead with 60 angled nozzles that still allow for a high-pressure shower. In addition, the shower face includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker for in-shower audio. The portable wireless speaker is easily removable to take with you on-the-go, and comes in a variety of colors to pair with your decor.

color-choices_grandeSplash Tunes by Freshetech
$49.95 to $59.95

Another portable option is the bluetooth-enabled Splash Tunes speaker – a waterproof removable speaker that allows you to listen to music or answer calls right from the shower. The unit stays in place with a suction cup

Digital shower controldigital-shower-controlss

On the rise for the last 10 years, digital shower controls are becoming more and more commonplace in homes. With removable remote controls and wall-mounted LCD screens, homeowners can warm their showers to their desired temperature, set their level of steam and lighting and even have preset buttons for each of the users usual favorite settings. The systems are controlled by an electronic valve, which is connected to the plumbing. The valve works with the water system and plumbing to optimize water delivery to match the settings.

We most often see these units installed on a custom new home build or extensive bathroom remodels, as the installation typically recalls removal of a portion of a shower wall in order to access plumbing appropriately.




Refrigerated-Beauty-DrawersRefrigerated bathroom drawers and cabinets

A surprising trend on the rise in bathrooms is refrigeration. From sleek in-cabinet units that match the bathroom’s existing cabinet designs to refrigeration drawers (starting at $3,000), the units are becoming more common for everything from storing a cold glass of wine for a bubble bath to keeping medicines, lotions and organic bathroom products fresh for use.


Luxury Bathroom DesignFreestanding tubs and curbless showers

A September article in the San Antonio Express news called from free-standing bathtubs to continue their rise in 2015.

“Tubs unattached to the wall and fashioned with dramatic curves and angles are becoming increasingly popular. Showers can now be one seamless, continuous space with flooring coming right up to the shower floor and drains that run under the glass rather than in the center of the shower,” mused Michael Quintanilla as he predicted bathroom trends in 2015.

The Huffington Post even predicted a decrease in sales of standard tubs with shower surrounds, as these freestanding tubs continue their trend.

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