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A Checklist to Make Moving Day Easier

moving-day checklist st louis home builderYour bags are packed and it’s time to go. While you have the perfect home waiting for you (maybe a custom built home from Hibbs Homes?) and you have mastered packing with Tetris-like precision, making moving day easier is simple if you have the right kit in tow.

Like a good carry-on bag, a moving day kit will help make your travels smoother and prepare you for the unexpected. Here is a master list to get you from your old home to your new an fare the bumps along the way.

Preparing Personal Care Items for the Move – We recommend packing as if you were going away for the weekend: toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts/eyeglasses, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, moisturizer, face wash, deodorant, chap stick, snacks, bottled water, essential medications, pain relief medication, a change of clothing, pajamas. And don’t forget your e-reader or a good book to keep you company.

Locating & Protecting Important Documents – Grab all important documentation related to your move as well as personal documents to keep with you during the transition: closing papers, home owner’s insurance, car insurance, mover’s contracts, a copy of the inventory in the moving truck…and carry out menus for places around your new home.

Having Important Tools on Hand – Be prepared with tools you may need: extra packing tape, a camera, phone charger, camera charger, laptop/tablet and cords, phillips and regular screwdrivers, box cutter, tape measure, first aid kit, permanent markers. And if you are moving long distances consider a sleeping bag and pillow.

Putting all of the essentials in a overnight bag will help you keep everything you need together, and, like a scout, ensures that you will be prepared for whatever comes your way on moving day.

Getting Ready for the Movers – Our friends at A&C Brothers Moving and Storage have pulled together some great tips on how to prepare for your professional movers to come help you and assist. They recommend that you:

  • Have your personal boxes, furniture and items to be moved ready as early as three days prior to your moving date.
  • Stage the boxes in a room with a wide entry door – preferably all in one area, if possible.
  • Consider the pathway to the moving truck, and that it’s clear and navigable with boxes and furniture.
  • Mark boxes with fragile contents accordingly, and
  • Label boxes for their final destination room in your new custom home.

How To Prepare For The Movers To Come Infographic

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