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Building a Better Life in 2018

Building a Home to Support Your Life Goals & Healthy Habits

Building a Better Life Custom Home Design

In the New Year, we all reflect about the challenges and accomplishments of the year that’s ending and we contemplate the direction our lives are headed. As we consider new goals for the new year, some aspire to improve their health, while others wish to save more and spend less. Some of you may be setting goals around finally getting organized in 2018, and others may be looking to spend more time on a beloved hobby.

We believe that if you physically build the space you live in to support your goals, you can achieve the life you’ve always wanted. Here we explore common New Year’s Resolutions and ways that you can build a home to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Resolution: Find Serenity

From a backyard oasis to a tranquil spa-like luxury bathroom, this goal can be built into your life when you build a custom home. Find your zen as you explore this gallery of home options.

Resolution: Living a Healthier Life

Eating Better, Losing Weight

For those looking to achieve and maintain long-term health goals, one of the best way to support those goals is to prepare their own foods at home, rather than eating out. In our fastfood culture, Americans are eating fewer than two meals together at home each week. By finding ways to prepare food at home, you can control portion sizes and ingredient quality. You can also realize a significant cost savings.

In order to support this goal, a well-designed kitchen is a must – one that encourages you to cook more often.

“The best cook’s kitchens operate like conveyor belts,” explains Jan Weimer, a Los Angeles-based restaurant consultant and former chef. “They’re organized to accommodate cooking, cleanup and storage without your having to constantly double back.” We can apply this same approach to your home kitchen by defining work separate work zones – a dry area for storage of baking and cooking items and another area for wet preparation. 

This home, which we recently built in Eureka, Missouri, features a massive pantry with an island for storage and dry goods work, and a spacious kitchen area with a large sink and ample counter space for working with cold and wet food items.

Healthy Home Custom Kitchen

Most pro cooks recommend the instant response of gas for surface cooking and suggest ranges or cooktops with high-output burners. One cooktop we frequently utilize is the Frigidaire Professional Gas Cooktop with Griddle. This gas cooktop has 5 burners supported by an instant response 18,200-BTU Powerplus Burner, allowing cooks to boil, sear, and saute to perfection. For additional ease of use, the cooktop grates are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

St Louis St Charles Healthy Home Builders Kitchen


In order to keep your ingredients fresh for as long as possible, and easily visible and organized, you may wish to choose a large freezerless refrigerator with a SpaceWise organization system. SpaceWise glass shelves provide easy access to large items, large deli drawers ro organize your groceries, and a built-in Ulta air filter to keep produce fresher for longer.

Preventing Illnesses

There comes a time in many peoples’ lives where the value of their health and that of their family far outweighs the importance of material goods. As high performance home builders, one of our key focuses is on designing homes that provide greater indoor air quality – thereby preventing a whole host of illnesses and allergies.

One option available to every client is to choose to build a Zero Energy Home. Zero energy homes allow you to breathe the cleanest air possible. From the ground up, we eliminate toxins and opportunities for mold and mildew. The materials we use are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and other harsh chemicals. When you live in the midwest and suffer from seasonal allergies (as most of us in St. Louis do), this home can be your safe haven, a place where you can feel good all of the time.

Learn more about indoor air quality and building a healthier home by design.

Resolution: Get Organized

We work with a variety of home organization experts to customize organized bedrooms, kids rooms, pantries and garages. Well-designed organized spaces can help you save time at every stage of your day – from the moment you wake up, to meal time, play time, and bedtime. Well-designed rooms and storage areas can save you time and money, eliminate stress, and add both function and beauty to your custom home.

Below are just a few of the custom cabinetry, laundry organization, and mud room systems we’ve build into our clients’ custom homes


As an added bonus, closet storage solutions can save you money on your wardrobe. On average, we wear 20% of the clothes we own 80% of the time, because of disorganized closets. With the right storage system, you can find all of the garments you want and need, allowing you to evenly wear the clothes you have. This gives them a longer life.

Resolution: Spend Less, Save More

When you build a custom home with Hibbs homes, you can chose every detail to suit your lifestyle. As high-performance home builders, we are experts at building homes that are more energy efficient and more durable. When you choose high performance or green home building options, you’ll realize a number of benefits including:

  • Potentially Higher Home Values: A recent study by the U.S. Green Building Council finds that homes built to green building standards are worth an average of $25,000 more in resale value than conventional homes. Click here to learn more.
  • Energy Savings: By installing energy efficient lighting, appliances, HVAC systems, and windows and doors your energy usage is lower. Geothermal systems are even less to operate. Energy costs money, and the amount we are paying for that energy is steadily rising. Using less saves you more. Many homeowners realize $1,000 or more in Energy Savings each year. This Webster Groves green home we built in 2012 outperforms similar homes by 80% in terms of its energy efficiency. Read more about life in an energy efficient home.
  • Fewer Repairs & Replacements: Materials in these homes are more durable, requiring less maintenance over time. Thicker, more air-tight walls, less humidity, and other building elements provide better protection for the home over its life.
Energy efficient home construction Creve Coeur

This recently completed high performance home features geothermal heating, zip panels and other elements that will improve the indoor air quality and energy efficiency for this family – leading to meaningful cost savings over the life of this home.

Resolution: Spend More Time on a Hobby

Are you a movie buff or a car enthusiast? We can build the space to support your passions. From a home theater to a 3-bay garage with a custom car lift, we’ve truly done it all. Consider your passions and priorities. During the planning process, we’ll help you discover ways to build these passions into your everyday life in your custom home design.

No matter what your New Year’s resolution – or your long term life goals, we can build you a space to support it. Contact us for a free consultation about your custom home construction project. Our custom homes can be built on your land or in one of our communities starting at $500,000.

Contact us at (314) 392-9631 or at info (at) hibbshomes.com.



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