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Building An Infill Home is Easier Than You Might Think

The continuous creep away from cities known as urban sprawl is hardly going away, but the trend towards building new homes in well-established neighborhoods like Webster Groves, Kirkwood, and Clayton is gaining a lot of ground with our custom home building clients. However, seasoned neighborhoods with the added benefits of easy access to schools, shopping, restaurants, and doctors can mean a shortage of available land because and many aging homes that carry high utility and maintenance costs. Because of the draw of these established St Louis neighborhoods, we are seeing an increase in the number of families opting for infill building.

It is not as costly as you think

If you are exploring building a new home, you may not have considered infill because the notion that demolition would be too costly. But the reality is, while there are several factors that impact the exact cost for demolition, typically it only costs around $10,000 to $20,000 including permits, testing and utility fees. Demolition costs are often a factor in the list prices and the offer you make on an existing home primed for infill because infill properties are typically homes that are in very bad condition and not viable candidates for a full gut and rehab.

How does infill building work?

demolition infill buildingWe work with you to identify the infill primed properties in the neighborhood where you want to build. Then, after planning and designing, we begin work clearing the lot for your new home. If you would like to preserve any unique elements from the existing home we preserve those for you and prior to demolition, we work with Habitat for Humanity to identify and remove items that can be sold to raise charitable funds in their St Charles Restore location. This keeps a massive amount of materials from becoming waste in landfills. When demolition begins, you would be amazed at how quickly a home comes down – often within an hour. You will be able to do the honors of operating the heavy equipment and taking the first “swipe” at the home being demolished.

So if you dream of a new home in a neighborhood you love, don’t let demolition costs stand in your way. Contact us with any questions you may have about infill building – we’d be happy to answer them so are ready to take the first steps towards building your dream home in the perfect neighborhood.


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