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Building With Hibbs Homes is a One of a Kind Experience

Rustic home exterior with landscaping

Hibbs Homes has been building custom-crafted, lifestyle inspired homes in the St. Louis County and St. Charles County regions since 2004. Hibbs Homes is different from other “big box” or production style builders in that we’re building homes that are truly customized to our clients’ needs. We don’t build cookie cutter homes – in fact, we’ve never build the same house twice! We create homes that are personalized to fit the unique needs of its owner. If your priority is luxury style – we can do that. If eco-friendly is at the top of the list, we’ve build the most energy efficient home in the state of Missouri. We can do that. Whatever your focus is, we have the experience and skill to custom-craft your ideal home.

This in addition to our drive to build energy efficient, green homes utilizing ComfortBuilt and Net Zero options are part of what makes us different.

Here’s how Hibbs Homes creates a one of a kind experience for our clients.

It Starts With Our Team

Our team is composed of home building professionals committed to upholding the Hibbs Homes core values while helping us be the best homebuilder in the region. In the last decade, our team has grown to include the most well-respected design-build professionals in the St. Louis region. Not only are they some of the most educated and talented individuals in their field, but they make it a priority to stay on top of new trends and building sciences. Their dedication and professionalism help to create an unbeatable experience for our clients.

Hibbs Homes team 2018 design build st louis

Our Pre-Build Process

We understand building a home can be intimidating. There are a lot of factors to consider, which is why we’ve developed our exclusive Pre-Build Process. During this process, you have full access to our entire design team and homebuilding consultants. Together, we will help you develop your budget and create a plan to build your dream home from scratch.

How the Pre-Build Process works:

Step #1

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss what you envision for your new home and determine your budget.

Step #2

We will help you identify the ideal architect capable of designing a one-of-a-kind home that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Step #3

Once you’ve met with the architect and gotten started on the initial concept for your new home, we’ll start the design stage. Our team will work with you and your architect on everything from flooring to lighting and ensure your vision is brought to life.

Step #4

With the design process well underway, we will start getting the site ready for construction by completing a site analysis. Our team will also provide you with an initial timeline for your project, and we’ll put the finishing work into your budget so that you have a complete plan for review before we put a shovel in the ground.

Step #5

Now, the ball is in your court! We’ll only move forward with construction once you’re completely satisfied with your design and budget.

kitchen and bathroom floor plan rendering

The Pre-Build Process is a great experience for our clients for a variety of reasons. First, it really helps you get to know the team you’ll be working with throughout the home building process. Likewise, we get to know you and what you’re looking for in your new home. Another benefit is the knowledge you gain from working with our team. We make it a priority to ensure you understand each step of the process from architecture and planning to the design and budget. Knowing all the answers to your design and budgeting questions will give you peace of mind while your new home is under construction.

Our Price Guarantee

Like any construction project, unexpected surprises may come up. At Hibbs Homes, we mitigate that risk by offering a final price-guarantee for your new home. The only time you should expect to exceed this price-guarantee is if you make any last minute selections changes after the initial design concept is complete or if any major issues with the land arise, such as plastic soil.

Are you ready to experience the one of a kind process of building a home with Hibbs Homes? We have a variety of lots available that will perfect for your new home, and we can’t wait to help you get started! Contact our team to learn more—we’re ready and waiting to help you make your dream home a reality!

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