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A Sound Investment: Return on Investment for Green Home Construction

St Louis Home Builder Hibbs Homes shares green home construction impact of Chesterfield custom home

green home construction new homes building a houseBy Kim Hibbs, Certified Green Builder

A smarter home – simply put, that’s what we’re looking to build for our clients. With each design, our hope is to create a home that is healthier, more energy efficient and more durable than any home our clients have lived in before. We are building homes – but more than that, we are building a better way of life for every client we work with – and that starts with building a home that supports our clients’ lifestyles, their health and the environment around them.

High Performance Home Building Standards

Earlier this year, we completed a custom home construction project in Chesterfield, Missouri. This West County new home construction project was built using high-performance home building standards (also known as green home building standards). When building high-performance homes, we incorporate the following principles:

  • Lower environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste and recycling
  • Building for greater indoor air quality (improved building envelope, lower VOC’s, etc)
  • Designing for lower resource consumption during construction and throughout the life of the home – including water, and all forms of energy.
  • Ensuring that the home is built using more durable materials to reduce replacements, repairs and maintenance over time.

Certified Green Home

This Chesterfield green home is a certified green home, having received certifications from RESNET and a HERS index score of 52. A home energy rating system score (HERS score) is the analysis of a home’s energy efficiency, and is the nationally recognized scoring system for measuring a home’s energy performance.

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The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) report for this new construction home revealed that this custom home is 48% more energy efficient than a standard new home of similar size and shape.

hers energy rating st louis home builder

Hibbs Homes was able to achieve significant energy savings by:

  • Sealing all air ducts
  • Zoning HVAC system for improved comfort (93%/13 SEER)
  • Utilizing Energy Star appliances, lights, and windows
  • Installing an upgraded HVAC filter and humidifier
  • Upgrading insulation

ROI on Green Home Building Investment

One of the concerns we so often hear from prospective clients is a fear that the cost to build their energy efficient home could outweigh its final value. This home was truly a case study in the value that can be realized when you build your ideal home, rather than buying pre-existing:

  • Annual Energy Savings: With a HERS energy rating of 52, this spacious ranch home is estimated to save its owners $2,654 each year in annual energy costs. (More than $220 each month!)
  • Instant Equity: The appraised value of the home came in at $20,000 higher than the actual cost to build.
  • Low Maintenance: The materials chosen throughout the home from the foundation elements to the CertainTeed ICON siding on the exterior were all chosen to be more durable and lower maintenance than traditional building materials. This means that replacement costs and repairs will be lower for the homeowners over time.

These results are often seen in green home building projects. In fact, the US Green Building Council recently stated that upfront investment in green building makes properties more valuable, with an average expected increase in value of 4 percent. By virtue of lowered maintenance and energy costs, the return on investment from green building is rapid.

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Below, check out a quick tour of this Chesterfield green home. Are you considering building a house? Consider working with your local sustainable home building experts at Hibbs Homes to ensure the long-term return on your home building investment through better home quality, stronger home values and reduced maintenance costs. Contact us at (314) 392-9631 for more information or click here to contact us online.

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