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Central Vacuums Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

By Kim Hibbs, Certified Green Professional

Central Vac Energy Efficient (1)It’s a question often asked by clients building a home – “What is the one must-have that won’t break the bank?” My response always includes a central vacuum system.

Central vacuum systems carry dirt and debris through hidden tubes to a powerful tank located in the garage or basement. You only carry a lightweight hose and brush unit around the house, connecting it to strategically placed outlets, making it ideal to include in your custom home design plans. You can even install a “dust pan” that allows you to sweep debris into a wall or kitchen cabinet toe kick with a broom. It is energy efficient because it is so powerful. Once the area is vacuumed, you do not have to continue vacuuming the same spot like you would with a standard vacuum. It also reduces the need to dispose of paper products and dusters normally used to clean homes. A central vacuum system easily cleans the tops of furniture, ceiling fans, blinds and other dust collecting areas in your home.

Tour Our St Louis Custom Homes Hibbs Homes | High Performance Home BuilderWhile standard upright vacuums do collect a good amount of the allergens and debris in your home, they also, unfortunately, recirculate those allergens and dust, diminishing your home’s air quality. As a St. Louis custom home builder, I have seen first hand how homes in the area are affected by air pollutants. While we have certified construction processes to make sure the air inside the homes we build are as allergy free as possible, central vacuums are the best way to maintain a healthy, comfortable home.

There are many benefits to a central vacuum system –

  • Quite
  • Convenient
  • Can reduce allergy symptoms (UC-Davis study)
  • Energy STAR recommended
  • More powerful than standard vacuums
  • Can add value to the home
  • For the average home, installation and equipment should cost less than $1,500. For larger home, systems remain affordable, usually costing less than $2,500.

Beam, NuTone and Dirt Devil are three popular central vacuum systems, but there are others. Make sure you ask your builder, or research your local market for other options. A central vacuum system should top your list when it comes to those “must haves” for a new construction home. If you have questions about building a St. Louis custom home, we would love to talk to you. Fill out the form below and we will reach out at our earliest convenience!




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