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Chesterfield Family Home Construction & Renovation

This family has lived in Chesterfield for several years and their kids were already settled in school. They didn’t want to disrupt their lives too much by making a big move to a new part of town. The only issue was that they needed a larger home and wanted a pool. The family found a 50-year-old ranch with a pool in a beautiful neighborhood, but it needed a lot of TLC in order to create it into the luxury home they desired. In fact, we took the roof off the ranch and added the second story! By carefully doing this we were able to recycle the home in order to be as efficient as possible and go forth with the luxury home renovation. Now we are happy to say that the home fits this large family perfectly.

This home is a perfect example of taking the bones of a nice home that may be a bit outdated and reconstructing it to comply with today’s building codes and standards. Not to mention, the needs of a family in the 21st century. The family fell in love with the home and location but needed a little more room in order to make it work for their large family. This is something many of our clients experience. Believe it or not, sometimes deconstructing a home in your desired location and rebuilding it can be cheaper than getting into a bidding war for an existing home in your desired neighborhood that may not fit all of your needs.

When you have the opportunity to reconstruct the home, you can make it fit your needs perfectly because Hibbs Homes is a custom home builder. Lastly, at Hibbs Homes, we understand that many of the areas our clients want to build already have established neighborhoods that can be a century-old. We specialize in building homes that fit the style, look, and feel of the rest of the homes on that street- a technique known as infill building.

Special features found in the Chesterfield custom home renovation include:

•   Dramatic vault in the main room

•   Screened in porch

•   Swimming pool

•   Energy Star appliances and home features

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