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The Art of Custom Podcast Episode 5: A Tale of Two Houses

What It's Really Like to Build A Custom Home The Art of Custom Podcast
Building a Custom Home The Art of Custom Podcast

What It’s Really Like to Build a Custom Home

In this episode of The Art of Custom podcast, Kim and Danni let former clients share their experiences of designing and building their custom dream homes.

Two couples share their visions for their very different dream homes – and how they partnered with their builder and architect to bring it to life.

One couple built a large, luxurious home in the country with the goal of having a home that felt like a getaway every day. The other couple build a highly energy efficient home in the suburbs with the goal of having their perfect home for retirement.

Listen to hear how they collaborated with their home builder, architects, and designers to bring their vision of a dream home to life – and find out what life is like now that the construction process is complete.

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