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Green Gab Podcast: Doing the Right Thing with Green Home Builder Kim Hibbs

green home builder st louis high performance green homes st louis hibbs homes green gab podcastWe are thrilled to share this recording, taken at the recent St. Louis Home and Garden Show. Kim joined Marla and Tony of The Green Gab podcast to share why he’s so passionately committed to green home building – and why it’s truly the best choice for those looking to build a new house.

Below, you’ll find an excerpt of the interview and a link to listen to the full show. 

Doing the Right Thing with Kim Hibbs of Hibbs Homes

Hibbs Homes is a custom home building company building high performance (a.k.a. green) houses in the St. Louis metropolitan area. While high performance and green building have gained a considerable following over the years, Kim states “you want the people who buy your homes and build with you to be happy – happy from a customer service standpoint and that comes along with building them a better home from a performance standpoint and that’s really what it’s all about.” Kim’s motto… “Do the right thing.”

Doing the right thing is a way of life for Kim Hibbs of Hibbs Homes – whether it’s building homes, being involved with the home building industry or just living life. Kim started his career in television and radio and had a 20-year career with media. Then he discovered his passion for building houses and Hibbs Homes was born. He serves the home building industry and St. Louis community through his years of active involvement with the HBA of St. Louis, including serving as President in 2016 and chair of Advanced Building Systems and Technology Council (formerly the Green Building Council) and Custom Home Building Council.

What Peaked Your Interest in High-Performance Green Home Building?

Hibbs Homes has been building high-performance homes most of their history – building landmark cutting-edge energy efficient houses. Soon after Kim started building homes, he became active the St. Louis Home Builders Association (HBA) and happened up the Green Building Council and the principles were incorporated into the homes Hibbs Homes builds.

While high-performance houses are becoming increasingly more popular, Kim really wants the people who build and buy their homes to be happy. Happy from a customer service standpoint, and that comes with building them a better home from a performance standpoint. That’s really what it’s all about. 90 percent of the time Hibbs Homes are verified to some green or energy-efficient home certification program, whether it’s Energy Star, National Green Building Standard, or the HERS Index. While some clients don’t want that verification, their custom-built house still embodies the same building practices as other homes built by Hibbs Homes. Those building practices result in a house which is more efficient, more durable, more comfortable and has better indoor air quality all with lower maintenance.

“It’s just the right way to build a home mostly for our clients, mostly for the homeowner, but quite frankly I do feel better about the homes we build and the quality of the houses we build.” – Kim Hibbs


Listen to the full episode & read more at TheGreenHomeCoach.com. 

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