Building a Zero Energy Home

As the leading green home builder in the St Louis region, we are proud to offer energy efficient, high-performance home options on every home we build. Below, you’ll find two of our standard options, that can be customized to meet your needs, priorities, and budget. While every home we built is completely customized, the guide below will provide a general overview of your choices in energy efficiency.

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Benefits of Building a Net Zero Home

  • HEALTHIER HOME: Air tight home design results in better indoor air quality, fewer outdoor pollutants, and allergens entering the home. Better materials, finishes, and appliances result in the elimination of unhealthy fumes, low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing your family with a non-toxic, healthy, clean home environment.
  • DURABILITY & EASIER MAINTENANCE: Materials in these homes are more durable, requiring less maintenance over time. Thicker, more air-tight walls, less humidity, and other building elements provide better protection for the home over its life.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE HOME: Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes are more comfortable in every way – with fewer temperature fluctuations, less noise, and more natural light.
  • SMART INVESTMENT: As energy costs continue to rise globally, your home will continue to incur no to low energy expenses, providing a hedge against inflation. Should you ever choose to sell, rest assured that you’ve made a smart investment. Recent studies by Vanderbilt Law School show that the more energy efficient a home is, the more potential buyers are willing to pay to purchase it.
  • CARBON FREE & CLIMATE FRIENDLY: Homes built to this level of energy efficiency are the cornerstone of a reduced carbon future.

Cost of Ownership Per Year

First Year Mortgage and Energy Costs. Example home savings from Zero Energy Project are $2,114.00.

Traditional House $24,899
Net Zero House $22,785

Annual Net Energy Cost*

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