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Help us Fund the Finish of Operation Finally Home in Wildwood

The walls are up, the Notes of Love have been placed, and we’re nearing the finish line of the long-awaited finish to Operation Finally Home.

This mortgage-free home will be given to the Howes Family at its completion and will hold within its walls, love from the community, the vendors, volunteers, friends and family.

Operation FINALLY HOME in Wildwood has been funded and made possible at every step by donations of time and materials from our local partners. For this reason, the construction process has been a bit slower than most other Hibbs Homes projects. At each juncture in the project, we’ve sought out donations to fulfill the next phase.

Today through December 7, 2018, we’re reaching out to you for your help in finishing off three rooms in the Howes family home:

  • Kitchen (Goal $2,500):
    • The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where family meals are cooked, and the central gathering spot for holidays. Your donation will go toward appliances and finishing touches in the Howes family kitchen.
  • Kids’ Rooms (Goal: $1,500):
    • Help us give these 3 kids great spaces to call their own. Your donation will go toward finishing touches in the three kids’ bedrooms.
  • Living Room (Goal: $1,000):
    • The living room is a central gathering place for the family – the perfect spot for movie night and play time. Your donation will allow us to provide the Howes family with a space to connect with friends & each other each day.

Click here to learn more about the family and the project. 

Donate to Build home in Wildwood MO Operation Finally Home Hibbs Homes

US Army Spc Heath Howes was deployed in Afghanistan when his truck was hit by a 200-pound IED (improvised explosive device) during a vehicle patrol. The driver, Howes’ best friend, and soldier sitting across from Howes were immediately killed, while Howes and his captain sustained life-threatening injuries. To this day, he cannot recall anything that happened following the explosion.

Howes’ injuries include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a spinal burst, fractured ribs, nerve damage in his left leg, severe right ankle fracture, collapsed lung and more. He was honorably discharged in January 2014. His wife, Savannah, serves as his primary caretaker, driving him to the nearest VA facility that is two and a half hours away and helping him in his wheelchair when necessary. Although recovery is a long process, Howes remains determined to continue healing physically, mentally and spiritually. In recognition of his courageous military service, Howes had been honored with numerous awards, including a Purple Heart, an Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two stars, two Combat Action Badges, an Army Commendation Medal and NATO Medal.

Since Howes is currently unable to work, he spends his time coaching his sons’ T-ball and baseball teams, giving him a sense of purpose. His goal is to teach the young boys hard work, discipline and sportsmanship. As Howes continues to receive rehabilitative care, his wife hopes to eventually return to pharmacy training.

We are proud to be building this family a mortgage-free home in partnership with Operation Finally Home. This project has been made possible by donated time and materials. Your donation will help them finish off the kitchen, the kids’ rooms and the living room.

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