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Hibbs Homes is the Dream Team You Need to Build Your Custom Home


When building a custom home, many people work with an architect first to create their ideal home design. Once they’ve got a design nailed down, they have several builders bid on the project. While working with an architect will help you bring your vision to life, it can make the rest of the process a little tricky. How so? An architect doesn’t account for your budget. So, when it comes time for builders to bid the project, they may cut corners to accommodate your budget. Some architects also work custom moldings, corners, and other elements into the design, which can increase the cost significantly.

Other design elements that can be costly to build include:

1. Building out, not up. At Hibbs Homes, ramblers are one of the most popular designs we build. However, they’re also more expensive to build because they have a wider footprint. They require additional foundation and rooflines, which can increase the building costs of the home. In contrast, a 1/2 story home can save anywhere from 10-15% per square foot in construction costs.

Hibbs Homes team 2018 design build st louis

2. Intricate Rooflines. While a variety of slopes, shapes, and gables are aesthetically pleasing, they can significantly increase the cost to build your home. Though less ornate, a simplified roofline can help keep your budget on track.

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan St Louis Home Builder

3. Complex floor plans.  Architects tend to create complex floor plans, which include curved or angled walls. The more complicated the floor plan, the more costly it is to build.

Overly Complex Floor Plan

4. A separate garage. Homes with a garage separated from the main structure have risen in popularity recently. However, separating the garage space increase the footprint of the home as well as the building costs. Similar to building a rambler or ranch style home, a separate garage requires additional foundation and rooflines.

Madison 1 1/2 Story Home St louis Home Builder

So, how can you ensure you end up with a home design that fits your needs and your budget? By working with the Hibbs Homes Dream Team!

The Hibbs Homes Dream Team

At Hibbs Homes, we believe building a custom home is a collaborative effort. So, we simplify the home building process by connecting you with a highly qualified architect. Then, we work with you and the architect to design a home that not only fits your lifestyle but also your budget. As the architect begins constructing the initial concept for your home, our team will start the design phase. This allows you to select the design elements, such as lighting and flooring, and fit them into the home plan. By working with our dream team of builders, architects, and designers, your completed home will be everything you’d hoped and more.

Hibbs Homes team 2018 design build st louis

Ready to get started designing your custom home with the Hibbs Homes Dream Team? Contact us to learn more about our one-of-a-kind home building process. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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