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Climate change & sustainability forum at White House

By Kim Hibbs, Hibbs Homes

st louis home builder energy efficient home builderThis week, I was honored to participate in a briefing with the White House Administration on climate change and sustainability. As a leader in energy efficient high-performance home building, I was invited to share how climate change is affecting real estate and housing, and to share my thoughts on how we can move energy efficient housing solutions forward.

The meeting came in advance of signing this week’s UN climate agreement, and included discussions on methods to mitigate the effects of severe weather and efforts to make America the world leader in bringing clean energy products and energy efficient solutions to market.

Along with business leaders from companies such as American Microgrid Solutions, and BioEnergy Corporate, I was able to learn from their experiences and to share my thoughts on how we can ensure that more homes are built and remodeled to more efficient standards.


Importance of Green Home Building Policies

As I shared at the summit, building homes more energy efficiently isn’t just the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do. From an economic standpoint, homes that are built or renovated to high-performance home building standards are inherently more valuable to consumers when compared to conventional homes. They are designed to last longer, are cheaper to operate, and often realize a greater resale value, so while there may be an investment at the outset, homeowners are seeing that his investment provides a payback for years – and truly – for generations to come.

The challenge for these business leaders, and for our government is to find ways to make that initial investment as attractive and feasible to encourage continued movement to more energy efficient homes. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to bring this issue to the forefront, especially with Earth Day just days away, and am hopeful for the solutions that may come from this discussion.

Energy Efficient Homes

A look back at the groundbreaking of Active House, one of our premiere green home building projects, which was finished three years ago this month.

When completed, hundreds of people lined up to view a one of a kind home built in Webster Groves. The home, designed in partnership by Jeff Day & Associates Architects was the very first Active House built in the United States. The Active House Alliance, a Dutch nonprofit organization that works with sustainable builders around the world, connected with St. Louis custom home builder Hibbs Homes to create a prototype house that would be used to bolster green home building standards worldwide.

Click here to read more about Active House in Three Years Later: Live in Active House USA.


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