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Custom Home Building Process:

5 Steps to Build a Custom Home

Custom Home Building Process St Louis Home Builders St Louis Custom Home Builders

Building a custom home should be a rewarding process that starts with your vision and ends with your dream home. At Hibbs Homes, we work to continuously make this process as simple as possible. In just 5 steps, you will go from dream home to reality. 

Step 1. Discovery

In this initial phase, we will meet with you and learn your vision. In advance of this first meeting, we will provide you with our Needs, Wants and Wishes worksheet. This will help you to determine which features are “must haves" in your new home (Needs), which features would be nice to have (Wants), and which features are more of an optional item, dependent on how they might impact the cost of your new home (Wishes).  Knowing your priorities will help our team and your architect design a home that fulfills your most important needs, and that stays within your construction budget.

Custom Home Building Process St Louis Home Builders Hibbs Homes

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During this initial consultation, we may also give you a tour of any spec or completed homes that would be helpful for you to see. Imagining your custom home can feel overwhelming if you don’t have somewhere to start. Seeing a recently completed home can help you experience different elements of the home – the layout, the flow, the features – to determine which elements are right for you, and which ones you could do without.

At this time you’ll also want to begin the construction loan approval process to ensure that your approved budget will be sufficient for the home you’re looking to build.

If you are looking for a teardown home or an available lot, you’ll have the option of working with our in-house Realtors to find lot opportunities. Let us know your ideal location and lot size requirements, and we’ll begin seeking out opportunities. Our team can help you evaluate the condition of the lot and its suitability for building. If you choose an undeveloped lot, we will need to clear rocks, trees, and other debris before building.

If you own your own land and are ready to begin, you’ll move to our Pre-Build Process next.

Steps 2 & 3 Pre-Build Process: Design & Budgeting

One you decide that you’re ready to build, you’ll move into our Pre-Build Process. You will sign our Pre-Build Agreement, then our team will:

  • •  Assist you in identifying your ideal architect
  • •  Participate with you through the design stage as an advisor to you and your architect in order to ensure that your vision is realized and your project will be successful
  • •  Complete a site analysis & guide you in preparation of the site for construction.
  • •  Develop an initial construction schedule
  • •  Guide you to stay within your predetermined budget and providing final pricing
Custom Home Building Process Selections Coordinator Estimating St Louis Home Builder Hibbs Homes

During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the Hibbs Homes team you’ll be working with throughout your home building process. With a nominal commitment, you’ll have the expertise of our custom home building team through architecture, planning, design, and budgeting work. At the end of your pre-build phase, you can take comfort in knowing that you have a familiar team of experts partnering with you as you move forward. You’ll also have the confidence of knowing all of the answers to your design and budgeting questions.

During this time, we’ll provide you with a number of options and help you decide on your budget. Among your options will be the degree of energy efficiency you wish to build your home to. We are known as expert green home builders in the St. Louis area. Also, of all of the St. Louis home builders, we are the only ones that offer ComfortBuilt™ custom home options. These homes are built using the latest in building science, ensuring that every home is extraordinarily comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable. Click here to learn more about ComfortBuilt™ custom homes.

Once you have your final design and a firm budget, you’ll decide whether you’re ready to move forward with your project.

Step 4: Construction

To begin the construction phase, you will first sign a construction agreement. In order to do this, we will require the final, approved plans from your architect, budgets, financing, and allowances, and a signed and dated Construction Contract. Once the full Construction Contract is in place, we will meet with the subcontractors to discuss the plans and to begin moving forward. Active construction can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months, depending on the size and complexity of your home.

Once active construction is underway, we will work with you to begin making your selections and finishes choices. For many homeowners, selecting cabinets, flooring, and fixtures is the most exciting step of the home building process. With so many choices, styles, and considerations, there is a lot to take in and think about. Our Selections Coordinator will serve as your guide through the process, ensuring that your selections are made on time and work well with your overall design and budget.

Step 5: Closing & Warranty

As construction begins to wind down, we will schedule a walk-through of your home one week prior to your move-in date. This is when you get to know your new home. This walk-through will allow us to identify any last-minute adjustments you need before you move in. Once you are moved in, your warranty period begins.

New Home Closing & Warranty Period

Once you have been in your new home for a few months, we will schedule a meeting to review how things are going. This meeting gives us a chance to address any questions or concerns that you might have at that time. Our homes have a one-year workmanship. We will meet with you at the four-month and eleven-month marks to discuss and identify any warranty work that needs to be completed.