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Looking for Land to Build in the St. Louis Area?

Resources to Help You Find Land, Start Building Your New Construction Home

As a custom home builder, we work with our clients to help them build the home they want in their ideal location. While some of our clients come to us owning a parcel of land they’re ready to build on, others only have an idea of where they’d like to build – but don’t yet own their land.

In an effort to help our clients locate their ideal land quickly so that we can begin the process of developing their floor plans and final custom home design, our team keeps tabs on available lots and land in the region that are well-suited for a construction project.

We’re more than a custom builder. In addition to our design build team, we also have Realtor partners that work with our clients to help them locate their lots, sell their existing home, and even find an existing home should they decide that building a custom home isn’t right for them.

To help you get started finding the right lot for your custom home, we recommend that you request access to our Lot Report. This report is updated monthly – and is a list of tear down and land opportunities in the St. Louis area. If you see a parcel that interests you, let us know and someone from our team will arrange a time to walk the lot with you, to assess its suitability for your project. Click here to Download our Lot Report. Build On Your Lot Find Land to Build Custom Home

Teardown (Infill) Home Opportunities

Our lot list includes a number of teardown or infill construction opportunities. This is often the only way to build in certain established neighborhoods, such as Kirkwood, Manchester, or Webster Groves. This involves tearing down the older outdated original home and building a new custom designed home in its place. If you’re looking to build a home on a lot with an existing structure, we recommend that you take the time to read our guide “5 Tips for Choosing a Lot for Your Urban Infill Build.”

Open Land Opportunities

In more of our outlying areas of the county – Wildwood, Glencoe, St. Charles County, you’ll see that there are lot and land opportunities where the land is either wooded or already cleared and ready for construction. When looking at land, remember that there will be lot preparation costs to consider such as tree clearing, leveling, septic, sewer, and water connections. If you’re looking to save money on the overall home building process, your best bet is to see out a lot that is level, flat, wide enough to suit your design, with fewer trees – and easy connection to utilities. Read our article “Ask the Expert: How to Pick Land for New Home Construction,” for more tips on how to choose your land parcel.

Financing Your Land Purchase

If you’re looking to roll the cost of land into your overall construction project, we recommend that you reach out to our friends at Associated Bank or your personal lender to discuss your options. Some construction loans allow you to roll the lot purchase and construction financing into one loan. Read this interview with Associated Bank’s Trisha McConkey to learn more.


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