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Luxury Home Features we’re Looking Forward to for 2019

Luxury Home Features we're Looking Forward to for 2019

Building custom homes in St. Louis, MO means we get to see upcoming trends in home building before they show up in your newly constructed custom home. These luxury home features we’re looking forward to for 2019 are both practical and whimsical, high tech and low tech. What’s old is new again, though much improved. While you’ll find many of the luxury home features we’re looking forward to for 2019 in the kitchen, you’ll also find them in the backyard, bedroom, bathroom and family room. Smart home features are abundant, and yet there is a return to the tried and true. Read below to see all the luxury home features we’re looking forward to for 2019.

Luxury Home Features we’re Looking Forward to for 2019

Sport Court

The sport court has been around for a few years now and looks to remain in demand as long as families have kids that play sports. A sport court is so much more than just an indoor basketball court, it can be used for ballet practice, dance rehearsals, or any of the other sports that today’s kids are participating. The sport court is great for homes that are located in areas where whether can be problematic – the north when it is simply too cold to go outside in the winter, or the south where it can get too hot to practice outside safely.

Bowling Alley

Not many homes have bowling alleys in them – the most notable would be the Whitehouse, but there are several luxury homes that include an indoor bowling alley. While bowling alleys in homes are more the novelty and don’t usually add to the home’s value (most people aren’t looking for homes with bowling alleys) they are whimsical and everyone who sees these homes wants to give a try at the game. The wonderful thing about bowling alleys in private homes is that they allow the homeowners a creative outlet with regard to decor. There’s something almost tacky about bowling alleys, and those that do have them play up the decor to reflect it. Whether space themed, clown themed or even cave themed, a home bowling alley can be a fun way to let your whimsy shine and get a little exercise too.


While many homes have outdoor pools – in ground or above ground, the truly luxurious homes have indoor pools. Like the indoor bowling alley they can be designed with a theme in mind – from Roman baths to Egyptian themed spaces, indoor pools are a luxury most of us will never have.

Grand Walk-in Closets

All of the custom homes we build in St. Louis have large and well-designed walk-in closets in the master suite. Many of our homes also have walk-in closets for many of the other bedrooms. Many grand walk-in closets have been featured on shows like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or in the news (remember Imelda Marcos and her shoe closet?). Grand walk-in closets require considerable space so the homes have to be large as well as custom.

Wine Cellar

It isn’t uncommon to find a wine cellar in most luxury homes. Even more affordable custom homes will have decent sized wine cellars. Whether collecting wine from around the world or making wine at home, having a place to store it properly is practical as well as a luxury feature.


Living on the water has become a much sought after location for many wealthy homeowners. The ability to work remotely (or not at all) has made waterfront living something anyone can do. Living on the waterfront means a lot of maintenance – shoreline, boats, land. Small cabins that filled the lakes of yesterday are being torn down to make way for luxury homes with spectacular views, peace and solitude and space to relax at the end of the day.

Gourmet Kitchen

You may not be able to put an indoor pool in your home, but you can probably include several luxury features in your gourmet kitchen. Double ovens – standard and convection, floating shelving, beverage refrigerator and cabinet doors that lift up instead of out are just some of the luxury home features you’ll find in the kitchens of today.

Smart Technology

While most homes can include smart technology, custom home builders are building it into their homes as a standard feature. There’s not retrofitting the technology to work in the home, it is built into the design so it goes unnoticed. You can control the lighting, security, temperature all from your phone, and you don’t have to be home to do it. Smart technology will continue to get better and better and today’s home builders who stay current on the technology are the ones who lead the way.

Reclaimed Materials

While many homeowners appreciate the latest in technology, they are also eco friendly and want to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint and save the planet. Using reclaimed materials such as lumbar, doors, windows and other home features from homes and buildings that have been razed can mean a stunning home with truly unique character. Not only will your home look different than everyone else’s home, it will retain the history of the reclaimed material. From iron girders to lumber that rested at the bottom of Lake Superior for a hundred years, reclaimed materials is a great way to bring a unique touch to your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Celebrities and the uber wealthy have enjoyed outdoor kitchens for a long time, but now many homeowners are insisting on having a space to cook while outside enjoying the weather. Full kitchens complete with stove, oven, microwave, full size fridge and even stone heart fireplaces (for pizza of course) can be found in the back yard. Many surround an outdoor pool providing even more luxury.

These are just some of the luxury home features we’re looking forward to for 2019, there are sure to be more and what is trending today, will become dated tomorrow. For now, these luxury home features are all the rage, and for good reason.

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