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Many Faces Of Cultured Stone

By Kim Hibbs

If you love the look of stone, but it’s not quite in your budget, check out cultured stone – a manufactured product made of concrete to resemble natural stone. Our clients love it because it looks great, comes in several options, and (in most cases) costs substantially less than natural stone.

Chardonnay-Country-Ledgestone-20006Once you select the stone, you can also decide how you’d like it installed. The most common is with the stone evenly spaced and with a standard, clean mortar joint. That is how this Chardonnay Country Ledge stone was installed on the front elevation of a custom home built by Hibbs Homes in Chesterfield, Missouri.




el dorado cultured stoneHere is a picture from another home we built in Jefferson County, Missouri. Our client wanted a “Tuscan” look, so the El Dorado stone/brick was set more irregular with a very wide mortar joint and a “sloppy” finish.




You can also “dry stack” cultured stone for still another look. Here is a fireplace that shows that option. These pictures show how the installation of cultured stone can really affect the look and feel of the project. If you click on any of the three pictures you will be able to see a larger image of the stone and installation.

There are even more options when it comes to the installation of cultured stone. Make sure you discuss the look you desire with your contactor. Also, have them produce a sample board showing you exactly what the finished product will look like. Your contractor should do it for free.

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