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Our Risk-Free Planning Process & Guaranteed Home Construction Pricing

Our Risk-Free Planning Process & Guaranteed Home Construction PricingHibbs Homes’ Pre-Build Process was designed to take the stress out of building a custom home

When we first began Hibbs Homes in 2004, one of our earliest goals was to find a way to help change the way people viewed the home building process. Many of the potential customers and clients we spoke with told us of difficulties they’d heard of, and stressors they were afraid to take on, and with every project we’ve built since that time, we have taken note of client feedback and continually adjusted our process to improve the client’s experience.

Designing and building a new home should be a joyful and rewarding experience – as you craft a home that fits your family’s vision and needs both now and for the future. In essence, you are building the life you want to live.

Pre-Build Process: A Risk-Free First Step

One process we’ve developed over time – which is unique to our industry – is our Pre-Build Process. Prior to signing a construction contract and committing yourself to the process of building your custom home, you will be able to take these 4 important steps before you begin building your custom home:

  1. Work with our team through design, architecture & initial planning.
  2. Make project selections
  3. Receive a site analysis that will help you identify what preparations will need to be made for the lot in order to build
  4. Develop a firm project estimate in partnership with our expert estimators.

This period of time allows you to have a full team of St. Louis custom home building experts at your disposal – ones who will be your champion as you make selections and work through the design and budgeting process.

With a nominal commitment, you’ll arrive at your final plan and a firm budget. Then, and only then, will you decide whether you’re ready to move forward with your project.

In fact, our budgeting and planning process is so detailed and thorough that we will guarantee the price of your home as determined by this process. The only exceptions would be unforeseen plastic soil or your changes to your plan or selections that would affect the budget, after the fact.

Clients who have gone through this process have told us that we are achieving the goals we set forth with – making the home building process enjoyable, simple, and successful – delivering their ideal home. This feedback from Teri in Brentwood, says it all:

“The budget was clear. Communication was outstanding. Kim made the process clear and provided advice along the way to make sure everything ran smoothly. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in the future and I would highly recommend them to anyone building a home.”
– Teri K., Brentwood

When you’re ready to move forward, contact us to learn more about our unique approach to custom home building, and to get all of the details on how you can move forward with planning your custom home.


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