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ProBuilder highlights St Louis green home project by Hibbs Homes

Hibbs Homes Proud Green Home St. Louis 32

Recently, Professional Builder featured our Proud Green Home construction project and one of the materials we used to build this high-performance home. Below, you’ll find an excerpt from this feature, and a link to read more.

Boral Products Help Elevate Sustainability, Durability At Proud Green Home Of St. Louis

Advancements in building technology have made construction processes more efficient and affordable. As building practices have improved, so has the awareness of sustainable construction. Once just a segmented portion of the business, “green” building has become standard in the industry. Efforts to help educate and inspire building professionals and consumers about the benefits of green living led to the development of the Proud Green Home of St. Louis. By driving a level of continued understanding to sustainable building, the Proud Green Home of St. Louis helps spearhead these efforts. Blending the newest developments in green building science with safe and sustainable products and solutions, the home features contributions from Boral®’s Copper Canyon brick and Country Ledgestone Cultured Stone® veneer.

Nationally renowned green construction firm Hibbs Homes worked in conjunction with Verdatek Solutions, Curtiss W. Byrne Architect, and the University of Missouri-Columbia High Performance Buildings Research Center on the home. The homeowners, who are scheduled to move into the home at the end of February, contacted Hibbs to build a structure that would not cause adverse respiratory issues for one of their children (who has asthma and allergies). To accomplish the desires of the family, Hibbs sought out products to minimize volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while integrating an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) to ensure continuous ventilation as well as a comfortable environment for the rest of the family. Because brick can serve as structure and finish material without the need for paints or coatings, it contributes to improved indoor air by avoiding VOCs. In addition, Cultured Stone® by Boral® is GREENGUARD Gold Certified (formerly known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools), ensuring that it is acceptable for use in environments where children and sensitive adults spend extended periods of time.

For the specification of the Proud Green Home’s exterior, builders needed a durable, resilient product that aligned with the project’s overall sustainable direction. In Boral’s Copper Canyon Brick, a best seller from the company’s Union City Collection, they found the perfect solution. Made from natural materials, the brick contributes to the thermal mass of the wall assembly and help the home stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. As a result, less energy is required to manage interior temperatures, reducing the energy costs.

Because brick is made with recycled material, waste is minimized. And, the materials needed for the manufacture of bricks (typically clay and shale) are abundant throughout the U.S., reducing the need for extensive transportation (and the resulting fuel usage and carbon monoxide output). “After participating in last year’s project at Serenbe, we knew this was the type of venture we wanted to be involved in,” said Crysta Thomas, Brand Manager, Boral Cladding Division. “Ongoing participation underscores our commitment to sustainable product development and manufacturing and educating builders and homeowners.”


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