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Save Money By Monitoring Energy Consumption

If you're looking for ways to use energy more efficiently and save on your utility bills, consider a home energy monitor which allows you to see real-time electricity usage. Metering your energy consumption is just the first step in an energy management program. Other steps include –

Analyzing data and finding ways to save energy by replacing inefficient appliances, lights and even insulation.

Taking action. Once you have the data, you need to act.

Tracking progress by analyzing meter data to see how well your energy-saving efforts are working.

There are several monitoring programs/systems available. Most are simple to use and provide homeowners with accurate metering of their energy usage. Here is a look at a few –

The Energy Detective: Known as "TED", the Charleston, S.C.-based company says its system can save home owners 10-20 percent on their monthly electricity bill.

EnergyHub: EnergyHub makes a high-end energy dashboard which offers spreadsheets and graphs.

Tendril: Tendril sells a combo of energy management services, including a wireless in-home energy display, a smart thermostat, a web-based energy portal, smart outlets and cell phone aps which can help homeowners diagnose and cut energy consumption.

Google PowerMeter: Google PowerMeter is a free energy monitoring tool which helps you save energy and money. Using energy information provided by utility smart meters and energy monitoring devices, Google PowerMeter enables you to view your home's energy consumption from anywhere on-line.

PowerMand: PowerMand makes DreamWatts, a wireless energy management tool that focuses on making smart thermostats effective for cutting energy consumption. 

Green Energy Options: Cambridge, UK-based Green Energy Options home energy monitoring system is called the Home Energy Hub. It comes in three display options: a small one-panel display, the Solo, which shows real-time pricing and consumption; the two-paneled Duet, which shows energy management of up to six appliances; and the Trio, which is a large touch screen that can monitor up to 100 sensors.

Energy Aware: Vancouver, B.C.-based Energy Aware has developed the PowerTab, a wireless energy display that collects current energy price and usage from smart meters.

Some information for this post was obtained from an Earth2tech blog post  written by Katie Fehrenbacker titled "10 Monitoring Tools Bringing Smart Energy Home". 

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