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Secrets of Better Home Building: Unico Systems for HVAC

Indoor Air Quality Net Zero Home Builder St Louis Unico HVAC

By Kim Hibbs, Certified Green Professional

This week, we’re rolling out Hibbs Zero, a new option for building a custom home when you build a home with Hibbs Homes. As part of this Earth Day rollout of Net Zero homes, we’re highlighting some of the elements of our high-performance custom homes that make them better than traditional new construction homes.

One of our “secret weapons” that we utilize when building an energy efficient custom home is Unico’s HVAC system. The Unico System provides efficiency at the core of your custom home, providing both energy efficiency and superior indoor air quality.

Fewer Leaks for Greater Efficiency

Heat can leak through the walls of the duct (thermal loss) and air can leak through its seams (duct leakage). In both cases, the Unico System is far superior to a conventional system. Insulation and size determine the thermal loss. Workmanship and design determine the duct leakage.

The Unico System ductwork has 1/3 the surface area of conventional ducting so before it is even installed the Unico System ductwork has 1/3 less thermal loss. It has been documented through third-party testing that traditional systems can lose up to 25% of the air that the unit puts out through leaky ductwork. The Unico System loses less than 5%. This means that with the Unico System you’re getting what you pay for.

Lower Humidity for Greater Comfort 

The Unico System provides greater humidity removal, up to 30%, with the superior and efficient design of our cooling coils, creating a perfectly comfortable environment. What this means for you is that you can have your thermostat set higher than you typically would, yet have the conditioned space feel as though your thermostat is set lower, saving you energy and money. The illustration to the right shows the amount of moisture left in the space by traditional units compared to the Unico System.

More Even Temperatures Reduce Energy Swings

Traditional systems “dump” the air into the room which causes drafts and uneven temperatures throughout different parts of the room (as seen above). We choose the Unico System because of its unique air distribution that creates an even, draft-free environment with stable temperatures from floor to ceilings and room to room. Without the hot and cold spots in a home, big spikes in heating and cooling can be avoided, leading to additional energy savings and greater comfort.

HIGHER INDOOR AIR QUALITY, Reduced Allergens for Better Health

The air inside the average home is typically 5x more polluted than the air outside, according to the EPA. Homes that battle with leaky ducts and humidity issues typically have high levels of particles like dust, pollen, mold and potentially harmful chemicals and gasses. The Unico System stays cleaner. With leak-free ducts, the HVAC system won’t pick up any dirt, or send it out. Dust, pollen, mold and other pollutants stay where they belong – outside of living space, your lungs, and your body.

For more information on building a healthier home that is more energy efficient, reach out to our team to discuss Hibbs Zero Net Zero homes. Be sure to ask about using Unico Systems in your custom home. Contact us at (314) 392-9631 to set up a time to discuss your new construction project.

Looking for a healthy, energy efficient home? Learn more about our Net Zero home building practices in “The Power of Zero: Inside Net Zero Home Building.”


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