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Green Home Building
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Hibbs Homes: Green Home Builders

Having completed one of the first St. Louis Home Builder Association’s green certified homes in the St Louis region, and the first Active House in North America, Hibbs Homes is one of the leading green home builders in the St. Louis region. We are an Energy STAR partner, and a designated RESNET builder. But what exactly is a green home? And why should you consider sustainable building?

Sustainable. Energy Efficient. Better.

Sustainable homes are more than a trend – they are a responsible choice for your family and for future generations, and we want to make it easier for our clients to make this change. As one of St. Louis’s most established and reputable green home builders, our hope is to continue to lead the charge for better quality home construction for years to come.

Energy Efficient Home Options

As the leading green home builder in the St Louis region, we are proud to offer energy efficient, high-performance home options on every home we build. Every home is completely customized to meet your needs & to address your priorities.

While every home we built is completely customized, the guide below will provide a general overview of your choices in energy efficiency.


Certifications & Green Level

  • Active House
  • Net Zero
  • Energy Star Certified
  • LEED Certified
  • Custom Level Green

Click here to learn about Hibbs Zero homes – net zero energy homes that make more energy than they use.

Why Choose Hibbs Homes?

Why choose Hibbs Homes to build your high performance home?

We are the premiere green home builder in the St Louis region.

At Hibbs Homes, we work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in building technology for the St Louis area. In fact, we built the North American Active House USA prototype right here in Webster Groves. Every home that we build is built to be more efficient and durable than other traditional homes. Our team is focused on building homes that provide a higher level of quality from the ground up.

As leaders in green home building in St. Louis, we are proud to say we’re leading the charge for high-performance home building in St. Louis.

•     We built Active House USA in Webster Groves, a cutting-edge, energy efficient, sustainable home. Learn more.

•     In February 2015, we proudly unveiled Proud Green Home St. Louis, Missouri’s greenest custom home, located in Wildwood, Missouri. Learn more about this project.

•     Many of the homes we build are Energy STAR-rated.

•     Hibbs Homes is an Energy STAR partners through the U.S. Department of Energy.

•     As an energy efficient home builder, Hibbs Homes is a designated RESNET home builder.

•     Owner and general contractor Kim Hibbs holds the esteemed Certified Green Professional designation through the National Association of Home Builders.

What is a Green Home?

What Is A Green Home?

A green home incorporates top environmental and resource efficient building practices through every phase of construction. A green home  is more energy efficient, durable, and comfortable than a standard construction home. Green homes are also commonly referred to as high performance homes.

Homeowners choose to build high performance homes because of the low maintenance, higher durability, energy efficiency, and environmental factors. We build this way because of the outstanding value it provides for our clients.

As a green home builder we focus on:

  • Lot design, preparation, and construction
  • Resource efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Indoor air quality
  • Operation, maintenance and homeowner education
  • Global Impact

A true green home undergoes third party certification. While every home we build is rated for energy efficency, you do not have to go through a full green verification process to build a high performance and energy efficienct home.

What Does Green Verified Mean?

What Does Verified Green Mean?

A verified green home is inspected by a third party during the building process to certify that an established set of green criteria have been met. During those inspections, points are awarded for each achievement, and once a certain threshold is reached a home is awarded a green designation. There are many green designation programs available to homeowners, and we work with you to determine if green verification is right for your construction goals.

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Proud Green Home of Wildwood, Missouri


Green-Verified Home in Chesterfield, MO


Features of our Energy Efficient Homes

Every ComfortBuilt home by Hibbs Homes is wrapped in a blanket of PINK® Insulation top to bottom, outside to inside. Owens Corning® FOAMULAR® Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Rigid Foam Insulation provides a continuous layer of insulation and protection from air and moisture intrusion.

A tightly sealed thermal envelope, which includes the walls, roof, windows, insulation – anything that protects the inside from out.

Controlled ventilation to account for the tight seal of the thermal envelope while allowing proper ventilation and fresh air exchange.

Properly sized, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems that provide comfort without operating in a wasteful manner.

Energy efficient windows, doors, appliances and lighting throughout.

The latest innovations in energy efficient home design take into consideration solar orientation, environmental factors, and climate needs according to the climate zone where the home is located. One basic example of the considerations of energy efficient home design include window location and climate – while a window that traps the sun’s rays is great up north where the climate is cooler wouldn’t work well in southern climates.

Owens Corning High Performance Home Builder Hibbs Homes

green home custom home features st louis custom home builder

Active House USA in Webster Groves, MO


Green-Verified Home in Chesterfield, MO


Why Build Green a Green Home?

Homes that are built using green technology, processes and materials provide the homeowner with a host of benefits, including:

•   Higher homeowner satisfaction. A 2014 study of green homeowners completed by GuildQuality found that 95% of green homeowners agreed that they are satisfied with the features in their home, and 94% would recommend a green home to a friend or family member.

•   Reduced energy consumption saves you money on monthly utility bills.

•   Improved indoor air and water quality provides you with a more comfortable and healthier home.

•   Increased durability over typical construction requires less maintenance, and saves you time and money.

•   Reduced waste and pollution conserves and restores natural resources, helping to protect the environment.

94% of homeowners with a green home would recommend building a green home to a friend or family member.

St Louis’ Trusted Green Home Builder

Hibbs Homes is a leading green construction company in St Louis. We built one of the first home green verified through the St Louis Home Builders Green Initiative, many of the homes we build are Energy STAR rated, and we built the first Active House in North America. Owner and general contractor, Kim Hibbs, is a Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). We are an Energy STAR partner through the U.S. Department of Energy, a designated RESNET builder, and we have an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau.


Benefits of Building a Net Zero Home


  • HEALTHIER HOME: Air tight home design results in better indoor air quality, fewer outdoor pollutants, and allergens entering the home. Better materials, finishes, and appliances result in the elimination of unhealthy fumes, low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing your family with a non-toxic, healthy, clean home environment.
  • DURABILITY & EASIER MAINTENANCE: Materials in these homes are more durable, requiring less maintenance over time. Thicker, more air-tight walls, less humidity, and other building elements provide better protection for the home over its life.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE HOME: Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes are more comfortable in every way – with fewer temperature fluctuations, less noise, and more natural light.
  • SMART INVESTMENT: As energy costs continue to rise globally, your home will continue to incur no to low energy expenses, providing a hedge against inflation. Should you ever choose to sell, rest assured that you’ve made a smart investment. Recent studies by Vanderbilt Law School show that the more energy efficient a home is, the more potential buyers are willing to pay to purchase it.
  • CARBON FREE & CLIMATE FRIENDLY: Homes built to this level of energy efficiency are the cornerstone of a reduced carbon future.

Cost of Ownership Per Year

First Year Mortgage and Energy Costs. Example home savings from Zero Energy Project are $2,114.00.

Traditional House $24,899


Net Zero House $22,785



Annual Net Energy Cost*

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