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Test Your Green Home Building IQ

By Melody Meiners

Green ecology city against pollution concept, isolated over whitHibbs Homes has been a local, St. Louis home builder for well over a decade. Many of the past years have been focused on green home building. Since we started back in 2004, there has been a lot of change in the green building industry and the perception of green building has shifted as well.

When we started, the idea of building an energy efficient home was generally steeped in the environmentalist culture, but we knew there was so much more benefit for homeowners than feeling like you’re doing the right thing. Studies were beginning to make their way into the hands of consumers that showed the financial benefits of green building because of the energy efficient aspects of green homes, and as the demand for green home products began to rise, the costs for going green began to fall. For more information about green home incentives and rebates, look here.

Since we first began turning dirt over a decade ago, there have been marked developments in the art and science of green home building and consumer education. Though we still have a ways to go in educating the industry and homebuyers, it has been great to watch the demand, interest and knowledge in green home building grow. From the Active House USA to Proud Green Home St. Louis project, we have been able to educate industry professionals (and future professionals) about green home building techniques and advantages. Through our online social channels, we enjoy sharing our green building knowledge in order to keep you educated about trends and happenings in the industry.

Do you think you know the basics of green building? Test your Green Building IQ and let us know how you did!

Click here to test your green building IQ with a quiz by Energy Star.


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