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The Art of Custom Podcast: Season 1 Roundup

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This spring, Hibbs Homes launched our brand-new podcast, The Art of Custom. Dedicated to demystifying the custom home building process, Kim and Danni discuss everything from making design selections to selecting the right builder for your project and everything in between. The first season flew by and we wrapped up with our final episode on July 5th.

If you’re interested in learning more about building a custom home, you’ll definitely want to listen to The Art of Custom. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of every episode from season 1. Check them out below!

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: The Art of Custom Home Building

In the first episode of the season, Kim and Danni discuss the ins and outs of building a custom home. Listen in as they explain the difference between home builders and how it impacts building your new home. Knowing what to expect will help you choose the right home builder for your project.

Listen to episode 1 here.

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Episode 2: The Art of Architecture

Award-winning St. Louis architect, Jeff Day, joins us in episode 2 of The Art of Custom podcast. If you’ve wondered how to get your dream home details out of your head and onto paper, this is the episode for you! Jeff shares his approach to bringing design ideas to the surface and how to reduce energy consumption. In addition, you’ll also hear our clients, Barbara and Chris, talk about how they chose an architect to build their dream home.

Listen to episode 2 here.

Episode 3: Choosing the Right Location for Your Custom Home

Episode 3 is dedicated to finding the right lot for your new home. Let’s face it, deciding where to build your new home can be tricky. So, we’ve called on two realtors skilled in finding land for new construction. Follow along as our guests, Jan Hibbs and Laura Hofer, break it down.

Listen to episode 3 here.


Episode 4: Borrowing Money to Build Your Custom Home

In episode 4, Kim and Danni are tackling construction financing. This is easily one of the most important components of the custom home building process. To help you through it, you’ll hear from three great guests during this episode; Construction lenders Trisha McConkey of Associated Bank and Jeff Berger of Groundwork Mortgage, as well as residential construction appraiser, Mark Stein of Premier Appraisals.

Listen to episode 4 here.


Episode 5: A Tale of Two Houses

In this episode of The Art of Custom podcast, Kim and Danni let former clients share their experiences of designing and building their custom dream homes. Two couples will share their experience as they partnered with a builder to turn their dream homes into a reality. Listen to hear how they collaborated with their home builder, architects, and designers throughout the process – and find out what life is like now that the construction process is complete.

Listen to episode 5 here.


Episode 6: The Art of Construction

Episode 6 is all about building a custom-crafted, lifestyle-inspired home. Chris Pedigo, Director of Construction for Hibbs Homes, joins Kim and Danni to give you insight into the active construction process.

Listen to episode 6 here.


Episode 7: The Art of Green Construction

Green building has taken off in recent years. In episode 7, Kim and Danni are joined by two green home building experts, Kyle Smith from Geocomfort Geothermal and author Matt Belcher. Together, they discuss how building green benefits both the environment and your bottom line.

Listen to episode 7 here.

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Episode 8: The Art of Design

Ever wonder what to expect while making design selections for your new home? New construction and interior design experts, Melissa Gray and Tina Wolff weigh in on the art of interior design in this episode. From aesthetic and function details to finalizing the design, we dig into it all.

Listen to episode 8 here.

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Episode 9: The Art of Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation and security experts, Tony Pratte of The Sound Room and Angie Cassidy of ABF Security join Kim and Danni in episode 9 of The Art of Custom. Listen in as they discuss current and emerging technologies to automate entertainment, lighting, appliances, security and more.

Listen to episode 9 here.

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Episode 10: Designing Your Home for All Seasons of Life

Episode 10 is all about designing a home that offers flexibility as your needs change. Kim and Danni discuss the importance of creating a home that serves you well in all seasons of life. From living with small children to aging in place, they cover it all. Guests include architect Jim Buljeski, Cindy Roeser of Roeser Home Remodeling (a Certified Aging in Place Expert), and Tiffany Dill, a Certified Occupational Therapist.

Listen to episode 10 here.


Episode 11: Breaking Down the Building Budget

It goes without saying building a custom home is an investment. So, setting a realistic budget is important. In this episode, Kim and Danni break down how a budget works, how it will dictate your home’s design, and how budgeting varies from builder to builder.

Listen to episode 11 here.


Episode 12:  Choosing Your Home Builder

In the season finale, Kim and Danni share quick tips to help you through the home building process. They cover how to interview and select the right home builder for your project. In addition, Tom Wade of Palo Duro Homes discusses the differences between custom and semi-custom homes, as well as how climates can impact the building process.

Listen to episode 12 here.

To listen to any of these episodes from season 1 of The Art of Custom Podcast, click here. You can also find us on iTunes and Stitcher. Keep an eye out for season 2, which will be released in early 2020! Have a question, comment, or episode ideas for our next season? Contact our team or leave us a voicemail at (314) 266-9709.

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