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Thermal Imaging Helps You Save Money

thermal imaging helps you save money Hibbs homes green homebuilder st louis

By: Kim Hibbs

Thermal imaging (infrared) cameras are helping homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and save on their utility bills. In this video, Buddy Fisher from Goley Insulation in the St. Louis area discusses the process of an energy audit, which includes infrared scanning. Special cameras are used to detect cold spots and heat variations, which are usually the result of air leakage in the home. Images show temperature variations, ranging from white for warmer areas to black for cooler areas. These images can help you decide whether more insulation is needed, confirm that insulation has been installed properly, and even locate possible roof leaks. As a St Louis energy efficient homebuilder, we use thermal imaging to help make every new construction home and remodel project sealed tight.

Thermal imaging visually shows the homeowner which areas are allowing energy loss and need additional insulation or air sealing. Thermal imaging is only part of a comprehensive energy audit, which typically costs about $600.  It’s money well spent, as homeowners who take corrective action can save that much and more each year on their heating and cooling bills. It’s also a good idea to consider thermal imaging prior to buying an existing home. It can help determine what is behind the walls and if you need to consider requesting or negotiating needed repairs. When looking to make repairs to an existing home, be sure to work with an energy efficient homebuilder.

To find qualified Energy Auditors, contact your local Home Builders Association.


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