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Three Ways to Take The Pressure Off Your AC During Extreme Heat

Energy Efficient Renovations in St Louis

This image from the forecast on ksdk.com shows just how sweltering the week ahead is for St Louisans.

When temperatures soar into the triple-digits like they have been lately, the combination of the heat and humidity keeps many St Louisans inside.  Extreme heat can be difficult on people, and hard on an HVAC system – especially if the system is past it’s prime and not running at peak efficiency.  If that is the case, over the long-term may be time to look into an energy efficient renovation, but in the mean time there are a few things you can do to take the pressure off your system during extreme heat.

Close the blinds or curtains – Blinds with thicker slats, plantation shutters, and heavy curtains block the sun’s rays from coming in and heating your home by way of the greenhouse effect if you don’t have Low-E windows that are specially designed to help block some of the sun’s heat causing rays.  Closing the blinds on your Eastern facing windows before 2pm, and Western facing after 2pm works much the same way by blocking the sun, and keeping the room cooler in turn.

Limit Electronics and Light Use – Have you ever spent an hour on your cellphone and noticed that you were sweating even if you haven’t moved?  The energy used for electronics, lighting, and appliances produces heat, in turn raising the temperature of the room – and the larger the appliance the more heat used.  While you probably don’t want to unplug your fridge, running the dishwasher could wait until early the next morning.  Same goes for the dryer, and overhead lighting.

Relocate for a Bit – If you have renovated your basement into a family room or office, then it might be a little chilly during the winter but it is probably the ideal place to spend the day during a hot St Louis summer day.  That is because a basement room is more than likely a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house, and especially the top floor.  Spend the day downstairs and kick the AC up a few notches – you will stay cooler and more comfortable while giving your AC a bit of a breather.

With triple-digit temperatures, staying cool is the top priority on the minds of many folks around the greater St Louis area.  With these tips you can do just that, and still give your HVAC system a little bit of a break this summer. And if you are ready for a more comfortable home next summer (winter, spring, and fall for that matter), talk to a qualified St. Louis contractor.  Building a new, energy efficient home or planning for an energy efficient home renovation will save on your heating and cooling costs while increasing your families comfort, and your home’s durability.

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